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Just Got Back From LARPing

Live Action Role Playing if anyone is unfamiliar with the term.
Think D and D being actively played out.

In the past three days I have-
- Monstered (played the monsters that the players have to kill) for two of these days and wanted to monster all three of them.
- Rose up fom the ground as a mud spirit and whacked people with a latex weapon, detroyed a sacred place of one of the tribes whilst playing a fish person (Craaaaab people!), got hunted and skinned as a beast (by a young kid going "Please can I skin this one please!", kids today have no mercy!) and resisted the urge to do the thriller dance whilst mostering a zombie.
- Got hit by latex weapons too many times to count.
- Run up and down two field spaces.
- Met a Russian/Native American/ C-something elf who thought he was the last of his kind but isn't.
- Got lots of free alcohol as part of the tribes 'hospitality' (gotta love hospitality =P)
- Not got drunk enough
- Made many new friends.
- Got blessed by the God of self-gratification (=/).
- Met the Pimp of the fish-people world (epically awesome).
- Sat out in a field with a crackling wood fire for warmth and light whilst looking up at the starry night.

Just to name a few things.
My body is killing me and I am exhausted but, God, I've had a great time!

Pokemon Plush

Whose a grumpy Luxray? You are! Yes you are!

This is my first ever attempt at making a plush, he's still not done but I've had a fantastic time making him and I'm so proud of it!

Which leads me onto the main point of my journal (no it's not the cuteness of my grumpy luxray, even though he is pretty damn umpy looking =P)-

I posted this on my DA as well here-

"Once I've finished my luxray I'm thinking of maybe trying one or two pokemon plush commissions or trades (I should be so lucky =P).

Would anyone be interested in this?
Serious question as they probably wouldn't be cheap and the quality may vary.

Just curious."

Alternatively though I may actually try and make a few plush and try and sell them on ebay and see how that goes.

What does everyone think of these two ideas?

I've just had such a great time making my Luxray, I'm not ready to stop yet =P

Over a year

Wow, I forgot I had this account!!!
It's took me over a year but I guess I'm back for now. I never really gave Livejournal a chance but it seems like an interesting place so I think i'll explore more this time around. 
'Tis really all I have to say right now,

First journal entry

     Well I finally got live journal.... If you're looking at this then you probably know me from either otherkin.com, rashan's dragon forum, true form within. More likely you know me from otherkin.com though.
      Well my username is Dragonslorefury but if you want to shorten it to Fury or Dragon then that's okay as well. I'm part of the otherkin communtiy and beleive that I am a Shapeshifting Dragonkin. Specifics would be Western dragon in apperance with dull gold scales. I have been awakened to what I am for around about four years. That's pretty much all i'm posting for now.....



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